Healing baths

Talking about skin diseases, here is what came to my mind: it is very necessary for a person to take of his or her skin not only by skin creams and lotions, but also by taking special baths useful for the body. For instance, there are so many kinds of such procedures, including clay and mineral baths.

However, there is another option, which has given amazing results and it is to go for the warm springs for some days. There are so many amazing warm springs and even lakes with healing functions all over the world. One of them I know about is the lake issyk Kul in the territory of Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan.

The literally translation of its name is “Warm Lake” and the reason why they call it like that is the fact that the lake does not freeze even in cold winters of the country. Its water is considered to be very useful for various skin illnesses and that is why the beaches of this lake is filled with visitors all the time during summer.

There are also some sanatories, which offer mineral baths that mentioned before in that region.

Uninvited “Guests”

I am sure that today’s topic is one of the hottest problems we face during travels or simply the picnics during  summer. Summer is the season when the most annoying creatures come join our holidays uninvitedly and they are definitely insects, including mosquitos, flies, bees and so on.

Even though they are so tiny and seem so weak, insects usually are the sources of really serious illnesses. So it is important to follow just a couple tips to prevent huge problems in future.

You need to pay attention to your clothings especially in the evenings, because this is exactly when those incects “love” to attack. Make sure that your body is all covered with clothes and if not, apply insect repellent creams or sprays to prevent bites. There are special sce nted sticks as well, which make mosquitos stay away from your territory.

Eat Healthy

Before leaving for the long trips, we try to pack our things the best way we can. Besides the clothes, shoes, medicine (!), there is something no less important on the way and it is food. Eating healthy on the way is really important, since it guarantees your energy and health.

Having something wrong at home causes so many troubles and imagine facing them on the way! So it is very necessary to be extra careful in what you eat. I would recommend the snacks to be as light as possible and ti be full of vitamins and nutrition at the same time.

Do your best to avoid chocolate and chips, since they neither keep you full nor have much use for health. Instead, pay attention to fruit, veggies, yoghurt in cans, wheat made snacks, cheese and so on. They are both so yummy and healthy. It is a good way to save the budget from fast food, which is not that cheap.


Traveling pregnant

There are such situations, when any kind of person will have to or want to travel abroad and pregnant women are not exception. However, they need a very special care before doing so. Let us look through the list of risks they may face on the way.

First of all, the woman is supposed to talk to the doctor and see if he can give any permission or not for her to travel a long distance. He may as well prescribe some immunizations or medicine according to her condition and the location. After making sure that all is done and she and her baby will be safe, she can prepare for journey.

Unfortunately, there are some conditions, when nothing said above can help and she is just not allowed to travel. It can be either her weak health, multiple pregnancy, high blood pressure, prior miscarriage, premature labor and so on. If the woman is above 35 years of age and pregnant for the first time, then it is better for her not to travel at all.

Travel with Children

If the one can afford traveling with kids, it is just awesome! Their cute smiles and sincere excitements to anything-new turn even the simplest trip into the great adventure. However, the little angels need a special care, since they are so weak and in the process of growing.

If you have got the chance to travel farther abroad with kids, it is really very important to make an appointment with a family doctor. He may recommend your kid special vaccines, according to the place you are planning to go and the risks that can be me there.

It is even better to make the medical preparations earlier, for example a month or more until the date of your departure. It will give you enough time to take the whole course of curing, in case it is needed. Possible illnesses that may danger your kids may be the following:

• Japanese B encephalitis
• Rabies
• Typhoid
• Yellow fever
• Meningitis
• Malaria

Preparing never ends…

I beg your pardon for repeating the topic again, but found this cartoon really very useful for the friends, who may be getting ready for a very loong journey. It is one of the greatest tips I have see so far, collected in this one image. Do not forget to save it on your desktops or phones, just in case :)

Looking for cure…

Unfortunately, not everybody travel just in order to spend fun vacations and holidays in a beautiful place somewhere abroad. There are some, who is in need if doing it, because nothing else can help them fight some serious illnesses in their own country. Click here in order to see some examples of why people want to go for treatment abroad.

However, just finding out about a good clinic or surgeon does not mean that it is the best choice to visit them. First of all, the person has to learn about them closely and get as much information as possible. For example, what language they use or do they speak one’s native language? How much are the expenses? How are the doctors like? Do they provide the patient from abroad with accommodation and so on.

It is necessary to get the advices of the local/personal doctors as well, since they know the patient for more time anyways. If they also find it right to make such trip, then risks may be lower.

One more issue is that in some conditions, the patient is not allowed to travel by plane. If after the treatment abroad, there is no other way to return home, but only by plane, then it will important to have additional plans, such as remaining at the foreign country for as much time as it demands, etc.

Sunshine is not always nice…

We love the sun and call the nicest people as sunshine. Definitely, it is but… Each summer, people go to the beaches and spend holidays under the rays of sun,without realizing how much harm it may cause to their skins. Each year, incredibly big amount of people die from skin cancer, which is usually caused by the ultraviolet rays of the sun. So it is very important to follow some rules in order to protect skin from such disaster.

  • Make sure that you stay in the shade between 11am and 3pm
  • Do not let your body get burnt by the sun, keep the balance
  • Always use factor 15+ sunscreen
  • Be extra careful if you’ve got freckles or moles on your skin, because they make it easier to catch illnesses

It is pretty surprising, that UV lights affect not only our skin, but also the surface of eye and cause painful burn as well. So, better to wear good sunglasses walking under the sun.

Fighting jet lag


We have no doubts that travelling brings a lot of fun and excitements to travelers. However, there is something even stronger that our excitement and make our body disobey us. It is the well-known jet lag, a condition when sleep patterns are disturbed and caused weakness weariness by travelling among different time zones.
Jet lag is harder when the one moves from west to east because it is harder to adapt to a shorter day than a longer one.

Below there are some steps that will prevent jet lag or at least make it go easier:

  • Do not start traveling in exhausted condition. “Charge the batteries” of your sleep and it will keep you pretty dynamic till you reach your destination.
  • Try getting used to the new time zone even before traveling. Put an alarm according to that time zone and go to sleep according to it as well.
  • Keep your body hydrated. Make sure you have enough drink after spending so many hours in a dry airplane cabin.
  • Let eye-shades and earplugs help you sleep on the plane as well.
  • Avoid using sleeping medication, since it doesn’t help your body to adjust naturally to a new sleeping pattern.
  • When you reach the destination, make sure you have enough hours of sleep, just like you used to at home.


Stay safe

For those fellors out there, who is already off for adventure in another country! Do not lose cautiousness even after you have packed necessary medicine for travelling, because there is something else just as important as medicine and it is “healthy behavior”!

It is very important to practice that behavior during and after the trip, in order to keep both you and your close ones. So what do we mean by that “healthy behavior”?

First of all, it means taking a a good care of yourself and paying attention to the trip. It can include basically using sunscreen and insect repellent, not taking risks of trying strange fruit or vegetables in order to prevent food poisoning.

There is not much need to warn about overusing alcohol, especially while driving. Do not forget using protective gears during adventure activities. Try to get to know the local laws and customs closer in order not to face misunderstandings.

These were very simple but very important reminders for you to make the best of your trips abroad!