Leech Therapy

I could say that today I am going to open one of the greatest secrets of all times in the field of medicine! This
will be really useful for those, who is tired of taking medicine and vaccines against even the simplest illnesses.

According to ancient scripts, there is one creature in the world, which was sent as a healer! It is so tiny, seems so simple and even a bit creepy for many of us that we could have never thought about its use. However, it is proven that it can heal a thousand illnesses…

Leech is that secret doctor! All you need is to determine the points where it hurts on your body and let this tiny friend find it. It will take all harmful blood out, which is the reason why all your problems started. After it finishes with work, the leech will just release you and fall…

It is important to try it with the right kind of leech and the person, who knows how to do it for the first time. Later you may as well do it yourself.

Fighting Cancer

Have you ever imagined that simply fasting could fight the most serious illnesses of our times? Even those, which are considered impossible to cure?

Following link will take you to explore one of those interesting and useful articles. It talks about how it is even possible to use the method of fasting to stop or at least slow the progress of cancer, more specifically the growth of aggressive tumor.

I would definitely recommend you to read, since you never know who may be in need of such information around you…

Fasting as Healing

To all of us is known that for almost a month Muslims all over the world have been fasting and celebrating the Holy month of Ramadan. The rules of fasting are as follows: the one can neither drink, nor eat anything from sunrise till sunset.

Since, this year the period is in the very middle of summer, which means 17-hour-fasting (!) a day, here comes a natural question: where in the world do they get patience from and is it not harmful for health to starve this long?

Surprisingly, none of Muslim fellows complain about the process, instead, they share how much of joy they get from fasting! Part of the reason may be their strong faith. However, they have been talking about the uses of fasting for health as well! Visit site to read one of those interesting articles!

Eat Safe in China

If you noticed from variety of sources about traveling in China, one  of the most often mentioned problems is eating in the country. Besides being extremely exotic to many people from other parts of the world, the food in China does not always have the best reputation. This is usually concerning whether it suits hygienic standards or if the ingredients used are all natural and chemicals-free and so on.

So, after finding all those, you definitely want to be careful enough in order not to spend time without illnesses and discomforts caused by food. The options are not to eat at any food courts in the streets, but at those, recommended by the trusted person and carrying healthy food/snacks together all the time, just in case. Here is the short list of what those snacks can be:

  • 1. Oatmeal
  • 2. Granola
  • 3. Single-serve peanut butter
  • 4. Cheese and crackers
  • 5. Raw veggie sticks
  • 6. Dry cereal
  • 7. Protein bars
  • 8. Hard-boiled eggs
  • 9. Fresh fruit
  • 10. Dates
  • 11. Nuts

Healthy in China

You know why I love China? Yes, it is super rich with history, culture and heritage. The number of possible places for wonderful sightseeing tours are so huge that it will take years to be able to explore them all.

However, here is what makes me even more enthusiastic and awed is the Chinese nation itself; they are incredibly hard working, patient and active. Inspite of working or studying all day with super busy schedule, chinese people, including both youth and elders find time to do exercises. And what makes it even more cute is that they do not look for special gyms! Just the central park and energizing music is enough to get it started!

China Travels

Unlike the old times, nowadays the choices and tastes of people are changing dramatically. For instance, before when talking about holidays, one of the first options that would come to minds used to be Hawaiian Islands… However, now the focus is changed to totally opposite destination, which is eastern countries.

Honestly, just this year at least five or six of my friends are going to China for summer vacations! It is pretty easy, of course, to understand why; China is the land of longest history with one of the biggest variety of culture, sites of interest and cuisine.

On the other hand, there are some tips, which we need to keep in mind before making such decision. For the safety advices on China, click here!

A little history



What I will tell you today has nothing to do with healthcare, however, I hope it will help you broaden some historical knowledge and entertain you in a unique way. This is the story, which is actually connected with that healing lake in Kyrgyzstan, Issyk Kul.

Thousands of years ago, there existed four main civilizations in the world and one of the most famous ones is Chinese. They were and are really strong, however, there were some times, when they also were at their lower point. For instance, the beginning of Han empire.

That time, Chinese were often threatened by nomads nearby, or were less than some of them, such as Usuns. So in order to tighten friendly realtions between, they preferred to give their princesses to the opposite nation and thus prevent wars.

The same policy applied between Usuns and Chinese. The poor Chinese princess though, after marriage cried a lot, not getting use to nomadic lifestyle! So the king of Usuns decides to built a beautiful palace for his dear wife in Chinese style! Thus, the old city of Chigu Chen appeared and the ruins of it were recently found under Issyk Kul!

Issyk Kul

Here we are at the beginning of our new adventures in the new season of summer! I congratulate everyone, who is lucky enough to get vacations in this season and have enough time to enjoy summer entertainments! For those, who is ready or planning to travel to some nice places, I wish all the best and at the same time would like to give some advices.

In my opinion, the person should not only enjoy the beauty of a place he visited, but also make some use of it. For instance, spending time in resorts, where they offer special therapies, or mineral springs is straight to the point. In Kyrgyzstan, the number one place for such intention would be the lake Issyk Kul. Take a look at its beauty through the video, friends!

Issyk Ata

Good morning, dear friends! Today’s weather is so nice and perfect that it reminded me of beautiful summertime, the period when the sun is shining, everything around is in fresh green and we have no care in the world, since it is vacations!

Really, the season is just a step away and it is so exciting! However, not everyone has made the plans yet for how to spend it. Most of people will probably hurry to the beach. On the other hand, come on, is it the only option we have?

How about actually chilling somewhere cooler, for instance on the mountains, away from the heat? It would prevent unnecessary sunburns and also make some difference in summer experiences.

Issyk Ata is one of such places to go. The place is located just a couple hours away from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Besides its gorgeous mountain nature, Issyk Ata also has hot springs, which is a perfect therapy for many illnesses. There are all  facilities available in the sanatorium for making use of the spring and having amazing holidays!

Relax Home

After long day of work and stress, we long for something relaxing and calming. What we usually turn to is a calming tea or just taking a nap. However, there is no need to suffer headache and other problems alone. Why not to involve your close people or family members in helping you?

For instance, the help of a simple massage can be way better and the effect will last much longer. If they try to escape by saying they have no knowledge, take a look at this short video with easy techniques of head massage! Be the first one to offer them such therapy and you may see the positive answer as well!